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Dear New Resident:

Welcome to Clinton! You have chosen a great community for your new home. The city you see today is a mixture of farming, residential and commercial areas. Clinton has grown rapidly as much of the traditional agriculture has been replaced by housing, yet there is a strong desire to preserve and maintain a rural atmosphere.*

Today, residents enjoy many of the benefits and conveniences of larger cities within a quiet, friendly "home town" atmosphere. Clinton City offers the finest in police and fire protection, professional court and office staff, and great service from a hard-working public works department. A professional community development department insures quality planning and building inspection. Clinton is well known for the best recreation programs around and our beautiful city parks. However, the greatest thing about Clinton is the many good people who live here. We hope that you will join in our efforts to keep Clinton the kind of place we are proud to call "home". Every citizen can contribute something - by being a good neighbor, taking pride in the appearance of your property, or by getting involved with community service. There are many opportunities to be involved in the schools, recreation programs, and other committees.

We are pleased to have you join us and we hope you will enjoy living here. Your city officials are happy to serve you in any way that we can. If help is needed, please give us a call.


L. Mitch Adams
Clinton City Mayor

*For historical information, please refer to Clinton, Utah - A Centennial History, available at Clinton City Hall.

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