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There are some unique situations in a rural/suburban community. You will want to make sure members of your household are aware of the following:

Agricultural Land: With the privilege of living near farm ground comes the responsibility to be good neighbors to the farmers. A bottle or other garbage thoughtlessly thrown over a fence can damage very expensive equipment. The farmers do not consider the dumping of grass clippings or yard waste over the fence as compost; it clogs irrigation structures and suffocates crops. Many do not realize that a farmer only gets water once a week and that tampering with irrigation pipes, gates or otherwise interrupting the flow can severely damage a crop. Parents must teach their children that farm ground, even though it appears vacant, is private property and is not a play area open to public use, to ride bikes or recreational vehicles. Farmers have the right to their occupation which may include late nights and early mornings, please understand that when the soil is ready to plant or a crop is ready for harvest, a farmer has very limited time, so each hour is valuable. Each of us can help by treating farm property respectfully and by educating our children.

Agricultural Burning: In Davis County burning is limited to citizens having two (2) or more acres of farmland that is used for crop growth or has a fruit orchard with 25 or more trees. Open burning is limited to organic items, which are incidental and essential to the agricultural operations. All eligible farmers are required to notify the local Fire Department prior to burning.

Small recreational fires are allowed in residential areas and the homeowner should contact the Fire Department for specific rules that govern this use.

Irrigation Ditches: Parents, please teach your children not to play in or float toys in irrigation ditches. They can be very hazardous!

School Crossings and Residential Areas: Clinton has a lot of young children. All residents need to be aware of the school crossings, which are located on a number of our major streets. Please drive slowly through residential areas. Speed limits, crossings, and stop signs are strictly enforced.

Roundabouts: A number of circular round-a-bouts are replacing stop signs at intersections. Please slow down and yield the right of way at these junctures. These assist the flow of traffic, not the speed! Please use the following information to help you use the roundabouts properly:

Roundabout Etiquette

A roundabout allows traffic coming from different directions to safely merge and travel the roundabout, then exit at their desired directions. Drivers approaching a roundabout must slow to a speed that will allow them to safely interact with other users of the roundabout, and to negotiate the roundabout. Drivers need to yield the right-of-way to the vehicle on the left, traffic travels counter-clockwise around a roundabout. Normally a roundabout is designed to be negotiated at 15 to 20 MPH.

As drivers approach the roundabout entrance, they must check for other vehicles already in the roundabout and determine when it is safe and prudent to enter the circulating stream (conflicting traffic comes from the left).

The approaches and the travel lane of the roundabouts are designed for a single lane of traffic. The travel lane around the roundabout is the asphalted roadway, not the concrete center over-run area. Driving around the roundabout is best accomplished by staying to the outside of the travel lane, especially for larger vehicles and trucks. Drivers need to signal before the exit street they wish to take.

There are not many roundabouts in Utah; however, the number is increasing and will continue to increase as their functionality is better understood. For more information go to

Construction Sites: Clinton is growing rapidly! There are a number of areas with construction in progress. Please beware of the dangers to children and safety hazards of a construction site. Materials, lumber, tools or other supplies are private property. Theft and vandalism are serious crimes. Do not dump anything at construction sites, nor leave waste in their garbage bins. Caution your children to stay away from all construction areas.

Firearms Prohibited: No firearms, including bow and arrows, flippers and BB guns, are to be discharged within the city limits at any time. There is no hunting in the city limits.


Please be aware of the dangers in living near the railroad tracks and review safety precautions with your children.

  • Look before crossing the tracks – EVERY time!

  • WATCH OUT! One standing train can hide another moving train on multiple tracks.

  • It is very easy to misjudge the speed and distance of a train. WAIT. Driver inattention and impatience are the most common factors contributing to vehicle/train accidents.

  • If you car stalls on the tracks, get out fast!

  • DO NOT play on the railroad tracks!

  • NEVER go around the crossing arms if they are down, even if there is no train in sight. If the arms are malfunctioning, call the police department.

  • Clinton is within a railroad “quiet zone”. Trains no longer blow their whistles at street crossings!

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