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Animal Control service is provided by Davis County. Their facility is located at 1422 East 600 North, Fruit Heights. Dog licenses are required and may be purchased through their facility with proof of rabies vaccination or at your veterinarian clinic. The fee is lower for an altered dog (proof is required). You should be aware that in most areas of the city, there is a limit of two dogs per residence. There are some areas where a kennel permit is possible. Please contact the Community Development Department for more information on the number of dogs and other types of pets allowed in your area. Dogs are not allowed in the city parks; however, they can be walked on a leash at the Powerline Park walking track and the City Creek walking track.

Cemetery: The city cemetery is located on 800 North Street at approximately 800 West. Call 801-614-0870 if you wish to purchase a cemetery plot, or for more information.

Community Development: The department is made up of several functional areas of the city, including city current and long-range planning, building inspection, business licensing, and zoning enforcement. The function of the department is to provide service to the public through promotion and protection of the health, safety and general welfare of the citizens of Clinton. This is accomplished through the administration and enforcement of laws, codes, and ordinances enacted by the State and City Council.

Fire Department: The City’s Fire Department is staffed by a fulltime Fire Chief and Deputy Chief, along with a combination of 6 fulltime Firefighters and several on-call Firefighters. The fulltime Firefighters man the station 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Each Firefighter is required to maintain State Certifications in fire suppression as well as being at least a Certified EMT-I. Training is done on a weekly basis and all Firefighters are required to maintain 75% attendance.

Clinton Fire provides ambulance transport services to its residents, the residents of Sunset (under contract) and assists neighboring cities when requested.

Because of Clinton City’s training, equipment and water system, it has an ISO (Insurance Service Office) rating of “5” (which is quite good). This rating is used to determine your homeowner insurance rate.

The Fire Department also offers public education opportunities including CPR classes, basic first aid and CERT (Citizens Emergency Response Training), fire prevention, a juvenile fire setter intervention program and provides station tours. The Fire Prevention Division inspects City businesses.

Chimney brushes are available to city residents and may be checked out through the fire department. A refundable deposit is required.

Police Department: The City's Police Department includes sixteen certified law enforcement officers, a full time secretary and two part time secretaries. The department consists of the Chief of Police, a lieutenant/detective who oversees two other detectives and three Patrol Sergeants. The Patrol Sergeants oversee nine Police Officers. The Police Department is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is dispatched to calls within the City and outlying jurisdictions by the Davis County Sheriff’s Dispatch. The Police Department actively participates in the DARE program at the local Elementary Schools. The City's DARE Officer is well known in the community and also oversees other safety programs such as, Neighborhood Watch, Citizens on Patrol and McGruff Homes. If you would like to be involved in one of these volunteer programs, please contact the Police Department at 614-0740.

Justice Court: The Justice Court deals with criminal and traffic violations that occur in the City and are Class B misdemeanors or less. The Court also handles small claims matters to a maximum of $7,500. Court is in session each Monday and Thursday at 2:00 p.m. unless noticed otherwise.

RV Dump Site: An RV sewage dump is located in the City shops parking lot, located on the north side of the public works building at 1700 North 1700 West. There is no fee for this service; however, we do request that you leave the area clean.

Utility Services: The City provides culinary and secondary water, sewer and garbage service to residents, billed on a monthly basis. A deposit is required when you sign up for utility service and it is credited back to your account after two years, if the account is paid on time each month.

On-line payment of your utility bill is now available. Click here to pay your utility bill.

Culinary Water is provided through Weber Basin Conservancy District and three city reservoirs. Your monthly bill includes a base charge for up to 10,000 gallons of water each month. Additional usage is billed at the overage rate per 1,000 gallons. During winter months, the minimum amount is charged and any overage use is billed when the water meter is read in the spring. The City has a very good water system and has been awarded for excellence by the Rural Water Association.

Secondary water is supplied by the Davis & Weber Canal Company. The secondary water system has been installed throughout the city. All residences must be connected to the system. The water is available between approximately April 15 and October 15 each year. There is a one-time connection fee which is payable when the connection is first made to your property (paid by the developer in new subdivisions) and a monthly user fee charged each month, year round. The user fee is included on your monthly city utility billing. City personnel must inspect all connections made to the secondary system.

Sewer is handled through the city's sewer collection system, as part of the North Davis Sewer District.

Garbage Service is provided by a private collection company. The City provides one 100-gallon container for each residence. A second container may be requested for an additional fee. The containers belong to the City and should not be abused, painted, or destroyed. Hot or caustic materials cannot be placed in the containers. Grass clippings should be bagged. The container should be placed in the street, next to the curb the night before garbage is picked up. Containers should not be placed in front of mailboxes or under trees. Trash will not be picked up unless it is in an approved container. If your regular pickup day falls on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, or New Years Day, collection will be made the following day. Garbage cans must be removed from the street the same day they are emptied.

Any questions or problems can be directed to the garbage contractor or to the city offices. (See the enclosed telephone directory for the name and phone number for the garbage contractor.)

Clinton City has 4 trailers available for residents to be reserved on a first come, first serve basis

Wasatch Integrated Waste Management Systems burn plant is located at 650 East Highway 193 and the landfill is located at 1997 E 3500 N in Layton, and is available for refuse disposal including e-waste. There is a small fee charged per pick-up load. For additional information go to

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