City Government
Municipal Election - 2013
Positions up for Election:
       Mayor’s Seat (4 - year term)
       2 - Council Seats ( all 4 - year terms)
A candidate for Mayor or City Council must:
       1. Be a registered voter;
       2. Have resided within Clinton City for the 12 consecutive months immediately preceding the November election date; and,
       3. Not have been convicted of treason or a felony and lost the right to vote.
A city resident may become a candidate for Mayor or a City Council seat by either:
       1. Declaring Candidacy with the City Manager (signing the form in person) and paying a $25.00 fee;  or;
       2. Obtaining a Nomination Petition from the City Manager’s office and getting 25 or more qualified signatures (Clinton residents 18 yrs of age or older) - and declaring Candidacy with the City Manager (signing the form in person) - No Fee.
Petitions or declarations for candidacy can only be filed with the City Manager from Monday June 3rd to Friday June 7th, as set by State Code. All petitions or declarations must be correctly completed and returned to the City before 5:00 P.M. on Friday June 7, 2013.
The City will need to hold a Primary Election on Tuesday August 13, 2013 if more than two persons apply for the Mayor’s Seat or if more than four persons apply for the 2 - Council seats. The top two Mayoral vote getters and the top four City Council vote getters from the Primary will move forward to the General Election. With or without a Primary Election in August, the General Election will be held on Tuesday November 5, 2013.
All Clinton City municipal candidates who lose in the Primary Election, must file a campaign financial statement with the City Manager before 5:00 P.M. September 13th .
All remaining candidates must file a campaign financial statement no later than 7 days prior to the General Election (October 29th ) and also a second financial statement within 30 days (by Dec. 5th) after the General Election. The financial statement before the General Election is to declare contributions and expenditures up to 10 days before the election. The financial statement after the election covers the contributions and expenditures from 10 days before the election through the election time period. (Utah Code 10-3-208)
All campaign financial statements will be made available for viewing on the State website,
Newly elected City Council members will begin their terms of office in January 2014, after being sworn in at a special meeting on Monday January 6, 2014 at 12:00 noon.
Political and Campaign Signs
Political and Campaign Signs shall meet the following requirements:
Related Sign Information
1) Parking of advertising vehicles prohibited.  No person shall park any vehicle or trailer on a public right-of-way or public property or on private property so as to be visible from a public right-of-way which has attached thereto or located thereon any sign or advertising device for the basic purpose of providing advertisement of products or directing people to a business or activity located on the same or nearby property.
2) Public areas. No sign, handbill or poster, advertisement or notice of any kind or sort, whether political or otherwise, shall be fastened, placed, posted, painted or attached in any way in or upon any curbstone, lamp post, telephone pole, telegraph pole, electric light or power pole, hydrant, bridge, tree, rock, sidewalk or street, except when the sign is owned and erected by a public agency or erected by permission of an authorized public agency or required by law.


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